“A poem is a little book that has just the right amount of words, a perfect little world, a grasp on something that can’t be touched. It is beautiful and necessary. The reason that you should write poetry is simply because you want a more creative, expressive, and authentic life. And, quite honestly, the world could use more poetry, even if it’s just your own little world.

But how many of us have time to ponder how fall leaves change from yellow to gold? Thankfully you don’t have to have time for endless contemplation, nor does your life have to be perfect. Poetry is life as it is happening, not as you think it should be. You don’t need anything other than what is really happening to you. Right now. However, what you do need is an unwavering belief that you are worth spending a little time on, time completely to yourself, time that you can spend however you please, even on something as frivolous as writing poetry.” ~ from the book “Unleashing the Poem Within” by Wendy Nyemaster


Christopher Poindexter on Tumblr. Soul-stirring.

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