It is no longer work when you enjoy it!

Indeed, my dear young poets. Churning out good poetry is hard work. It is not for the lazy. It is for those who enjoy the work and “make an art out of it” as Jeff Mock says in his book. You are willing to spend hours writing and thinking because to you it is no longer just a task to complete. It is now a part of who you are. You become a poet when you realize that your life is no longer the same without you creating something new using the best combination of words that you can find.

So keep writing and don’t stop with the short poems you finish. Each poem can be rewritten, reworded, and recreated to tell a story or to express a feeling in a deeper way. Never be enamored by a first draft. You must be your own slash-and-burn editor. That is, if you want your poetry to shine like diamonds.

Jeff Mock learned to write poetry by reading the works of famous poets. They are our primary teachers. I will be posting classic poetry here in the coming days (from the likes of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Browning, Shelley, Thomas, Milton and Cummings) to widen our selection of styles and develop our personal tastes. Rashyl is right in her observations. Many of the things that Lang Leav writes cannot be classified as poetry because they are basically short prose. Lang Leav is popular among the young because she writes about relationships mostly. The older generation finds other subjects more appealing.

The key is to be yourself. Write from your heart, not to impress somebody else. The people who naturally connect to the experiences they read about in our poems are the ones who appreciate those poems best. It can be just one person, it can be a thousand. Emily Dickinson was already dead when her poems became famous. So just keep writing. Poetry-crafting is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Hehe. Love to you all! Write from the heart! Enjoy the class! (kamila mc)

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